Rod tackar alla simsspelare!

100 Million Stories, What's Yours?

A letter from Rod Humble, Producer.

Dear Players of The SimsTM everywhere,

This is an exciting time for The Sims and we are thrilled that you are part of The Sims 2 community!

From teenage first kisses to stormy relationships, naming new babies to death by kitchen fire - and even alien abductions, we've told a lot of stories together. Over 100 million, in fact!

And now, this week The Sims will be announcing an important milestone that we wanted to bring to you first. It's because of you that we can share this great news.

This Wednesday, April 16th The Sims officially celebrates 100 million sold around the world, thanks to you and many players just like you.

With The Sims, we know that our players are truly unique. Players of The Sims see our games as a place to create characters, tell stories, explore relationships, live through generations, design fashions and build homes and design their interiors.

Over the years, we've seen an idea blossom into a global community of players, creators, and people who love to share with others. As part of that worldwide community, you've told your stories-more than a 100 million uniquely creative and inspiring tales that will continually take The Sims into the

As a special thank you to players of The Sims, visit this site later today to download a complimentary exclusive outfit for your Sims in honor of this milestone. It's the perfect outfit for your Sims to enjoy a night of celebration!

Thanks for being part of the celebration!


Rod Humble

Kommentar: Jag tycker det är skitbra när en typ preliminär vd tar steget att tacka spelarna, man känner sig likom uppskattat! :D Jag gillar Rod! Han ger oss gratis datorer i Fritid- that's awesome!


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