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I've received an email yesterday from the Swedish Sims-community, and it told me that I'm getting Freetime on the release in my mail! Wohoo :D

This is more information about Freetime, hope you enjoy it. Click on "kommentera" to comment the post!

  • You can enter competitions with your hobby, and make money if you win. I know that there's a food and dance comp so far. There are always four Sims who compete about the price money, that is between 50-100$.

  • If you work as a seamstress, and have the silver medal, you can earn big money. You make an outfit in 15 sec, it cost about 12$ and you sell it for 40$. I earned 1600$ in one evening, when I played the game,

  • There are five new careers

  • Geenie is already mentioned, but for your information. He is purple, and he gives the master 3 wishes.

  • When you've reached maximum level in your hobby-o-meter, you're in "the zone" wich makes you very focussed everytime you do something that is related to your hobby. The zone makes you glow in a platinum light.

  • Life rewards. You have 4 life rewards to divide between four categories. One for normal needs, like slow down your hunger etc. One for things that is related to your aspiration, if you have family you can appeal to the social worker.  One for work/travels, and the last one is that you can choose a second aspiration.

  • Grilled Cheese is an official aspiration now, that you can choose from the life reward-stuff. It's actually all about eating toasts, and eat much without getting fat.

  • Every family gets a computer from a mysterious sim. The computer is very good looking, and expensive. Yay.

  • On the computer, you can play games as SSX3 but also The Sims 3! So it's finally true and official that maxis and ea have plans for a follow-up.

I have more information, and I'll probably be updating tonight. Have a good day! :D

Postat av: Liselotte

Mmmm loads of comments here.

2008-01-27 @ 19:22:14

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